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This documentation is valid for the following products:

  • 1-Port Adapter (Serial) (order no. ZA30010)
  • 2-Port Adapter (Serial) (order no. ZA30020)

1- or 2-Port Adapter

Basic Information

The 1- or 2-port adapters connect 1 or up to 2 sensors (i.e. temperature sensors) locally to CustoSec or ARANSEC (usually within the same server rack). The 1-port adapter connects one sensor and the 2-port adapter connects up to 2 sensors.
Power supply for the sensors is provided by an USB cable and for signal transfer a serial cable (RS232) is used.

Package Contents and Description

1PortAdapter (serial)

The package contains:

  • one Adapter
  • a documentation

The sensor has 2 connecting cables (USB and Serial RS232).


CustoSec serial adapters do not require any maintenance.

Installation and Implementation

Hardware Installation

  • The 2 cables have to be connected to the sockets on ARANSEC/CustoSec. The USB cable goes into any USB socket, the serial connector has to be connected to COM1. (Important: COM 2 is configured for the GSM module, the sensor adapter would not work, if connected to COM2).
  • Connect any sensor of the CustoSec sensor program (i.e. temperature sensors) to the RJ45 Port of the adapter (or 2 sensors when installing a 2-port adapter).

Configuration of the adapters

Configuration in ARANSEC/CustoSec is done by configuration of the sensors in the Serial Box - Assistant as described in the documentation of the respective sensor.