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Basic Information on Check
Name of Check DNS Technical Name check_dns
Available in All Systems Number of Arguments 1
From Version ARANSEC 1.0 Compability All ARANSEC and CustoSec

Scope of Check

Checks if a given host is member of a domain by trying to obtain the IP address of the host through a nslookup.


For the check to work properly the following requirements must be met:

  • The check is configured as a service check on the target host that should be monitored.
  • The DNS server must be set in the network settings of ARANSEC


To configure the check, the following arguments are available:

Argument No. Argument Name Allowed Arguments Explanation Examples
Arg1 Domain string Name of the domain, that the host is expected to belong to. !aransec.local

Returned Values of the Check

The Check returns the following values and information.

Status Output Remarks
OK time=0.003071s;;;0.000000 The host belongs to the domain given as an argument.
The check also returns the time to answer the request (in seconds).
WARNING - Warning will not be reported by this check
CRITICAL Domain aransec.local was not found by the server The host does not belong to the domain given.