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What's New in CustoSec

CustoSec is a completely new system and almost everything under the hood has been updated to modern standards and a lot of new features have been implemented. The following list gives a quick overview of new or additional features compared to ARANSEC systems.

User Interface

  • Modern user interface, clearly structured and self explanatory
  • User interface in German and in English
  • Online documentation can be opened or closed
  • Accordion menus can be opened and closed as well
  • Accordion menus combined with tabs for major chapters make for an intuitive and easy to understand navigation
  • No vertical scrolling any more to access necessary information
  • Online Status information about the monitoring system's own health available and can be configured to own needs
  • On-screen Warning for new updates
  • Easy to manage mass operations (i.e. changing the notification group on a big number of hosts)

Basic Configuration

  • System identity can be entered, which is used for the self signed certificate of CustoSec (it is also used for ARANSEC HQ-environments)
  • Self signed certificate can be created any time
  • Communication with email server (send mail) now also with SSL/TLS
  • GSM and email protocols on screen

Network Scanner

  • Completely new and enhanced scanner system
  • Scanner can be configured in what to scan (i.e. UDP Ports yes or no; tracing the routes, identification of operating system, etc.) and how to scan (Known Services, fast, standard, ...)
  • Scanner can also be configured to only scan special ports
  • Besides the scanner, the Automated Configuration System can be configured in various ways
  • Monitoring configuration can be fully automated based on templates for hosts and services
  • Automated monitoring configuration can me manually corrected within the scanner
  • Configuration can be created for single, multiple or all hosts within the scan result
  • Scanner will trace and configure routes (parents) automatically if selected before start
  • Existing Configuration can be updated, enhanced or overwritten by the scanner

Template System

The template system is the key feature of CustoSec compared to ARANSEC.

Out of each service or host check, that is available on the system, a template with specific parameters can be defined. This means i.e. out of the ping-check a series of different templates with different settings (time out, monitoring interval, notification interval and group, etc.) can be defined. Then, these templates are distributed to hosts and services, either manually or by the scanner.

Any change within one template is automatically in effect with all services and hosts using this template.

The templates are providing a wide range of possibilities and flexibility. They also are the basis for all automatic configuration.

Monitoring Configuration

  • All configuration steps tabbed screens, without vertical scrolling
  • Besides configuration by templates, each host or service can also be individually configured
  • Configuration is organized in several levels to allow re-configuration of one object within the other (i.e. while configuring a service check, a new contact group can be added without having to navigate to the contact groups).
  • All settings within the Host/or Service configuration, i.e. SMS control, dependencies and parents. Including the settings for plug-ins like Down Times, Acknowledgements, etc.
  • Check configuration with fully worded arguments. No more cryptic characters, just named fields and parameters
  • Testing of checks for single services or hosts and more or all checks on hosts or host/service groups.

Write and Test the Configuration

  • Write Config has been completely renewed
  • "Test-Config" is now much more in depth also shows the error in detail, as well as providing a link to where it should be corrected.
  • Online configuration check always show errors during configuration, even before "Write Config" has been called.

Update System

  • Update system is completely new. Secure update system is not using Java any more
  • Status of communication with Update Server is shown on screen
  • Update system for individual plug-ins and modules of CustoSec available
  • Overview of installed versions of plug-ins and modules


  • Completely new SNMP Browser. Scan results show in a tree and can easily be browsed and filtered. Allows to directly copy OID to the check configuration
  • SNMP Browser can scan SNMP Ver. 1, 2 and 3 as of now
  • New Traceroute allowing to resolve DNS names and choose a protocol (ICMP,TCP or UDP)
  • Reports can be exported to shares in the network


  • Downward compatibility: CustoSec is fully compatible with existing ARANSEC configurations (Version 2.60). All configuration can be transferred to CustoSec.