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The User Interface

The configuration of a network monitoring system cab become very complex with a lot of Hosts and Services, Host groups, Dependencies, etc. In the end there is a lot of information that has to be displayed and accessible in a structured way, that makes configuration easy and fast.

CustoSec user interface is based on the following principles:

  • Clarity: All parameters and information are clearly labeled and clearly structured. The interface builds on standards, names and structures that are well known in IT management.00
  • Consistency: The basic logic of the interface is consistent throughout the whole system
  • Efficiency: Cross editing in different configuration areas makes configuration efficient and fast. No need to jump from one configuration screen to another.
  • Forgiveness: The built in online configuration checking is constantly checking input and giving immediate feed back showing errors and where to correct (remedy) them.
The User Interface with opened tree navigation and documentation

Structure of the User Interface

The user interface consists of the header line, the tabs line and the main display.

Header Line

The Header Line shows the Logo in the top left corner. In the center, the system name (as entered in the system configuration) and the actual date/time are displayed. On the right there are the link to the cockpit of the monitoring system, language selector and logout button.

Tab Line

The Tab line provides the tabs for the 3 main sections of the system (System Configuration, Monitoring Configuration and the Tools section). Besides these tabs, on the right side of this line the "Status Information" is displayed. These status information tabs can configured.

Main display

The main display consists of 3 parts. On the left side, an accordion menu allows a quick navigation. The center part is the main display for In- and Output, which looks different in different configuration areas. The right part is the online documentation, that explains the details of the main display. Both, the menu on the left and the documentation on the right, can be opened or closed as needed.

Additional Information

  • There is no need for vertical scrolling in the interface. All tasks can be quickly opened by 2-3 mouse clicks.
  • All menus and tabs only show installed plug-ins. New plug-ins might display additional menu entries.

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