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CustoSec and ARANSEC are under constant development and updated regularly. Updates are delivered via the Secure Update System of ARANSEC/CustoSec.

Please note: Since January 2017 ARANSEC will only have smaller Updates and Bug fixes. Installed systems in the market will be upgraded to CustoSec starting summer 2017.

Release ARANSEC 2.60, Published November 2016

(please note: This update also contains minor updates 2.51, 2.52 (unpublished), 2.53 and 2.54 which where issued during the last year)

  • Updated Checks: Checks for VMWare have been updated and completely reworked. Including update to newest VMWare versions, new online documentation, new options, test scripts
  • New Check: VMWare Host(replaces old ESXi Server)
  • New Check: VMWare VM (replaces old ESXi_vm)
  • New Check: VMWare VC Cluster (replaces old ESXi Cluster - Check uses vCenter).
  • New Check: VMWare VC Datacenter (replaces old ESXi Datacenter - Check uses vCenter)
  • New Check: VMWare VC Host (check VMWare Host using the vCenter)
  • New Check: VMWare VC VM (check VMWare VM using vCenter)
  • Updated Check: Win Process Int: New documentation, bugfixes. Threshold to be entered as a MIN:MAX-Range in the future with -1 to disable MIN
  • Updated Check: SNMP Calc: New documentation, rate per second, average from beginning, average for free period, label and unit of measurement
  • Updated Check: SMB File Age: Search and count in tree (recursion); new documentation, wildcard support, new and more precise error messages, test script and Bugfixes
  • New Check: MySQL Regex: result of a MySQL Query can be compared to a regex
  • New Check: MySQL Numeric: numeric results of a query can be compared to thresholds
  • Updated Start Screen
  • Plug-In: Scheduled Downtimes allows to select "All" in the overview list
  • Enhanced MSSQL Support for some checks monitoring mssql databases. (isql: mssql terminal client integrated)
  • Bugfix: Check IF Operstatus Documentation
  • Bugfix: Check HP Insight name corrected
  • Bugfix: Check-The-Check (OK-Button) corrected Hardware support (now independent from hardware) and support for Check SNMP Calc
  • Bugfix: SMS Notification: text-format, acknowledgement notification type
  • Updates: Lots of updated libraries within the system.

Release ARANSEC 2.54, Published July 2016

Minor Service Update

  • New Check VMWare Numeric (Test)
  • Updated Check SMB File Age (Test)
  • Updated Check Win Process Int (Test)
  • Internal updates and dependancies
  • Minor Fixes

Release ARANSEC 2.53, Published May 2016

Minor Service Update

  • Bugfixes in Report Base Client
  • Updated Report Base Client
  • Minor Fixes

Release ARANSEC 2.51, Published January 2016

Minor Service Update

  • Bugfixes in SMS Notification
  • New Check MySQL Numeric (Test)
  • Minor Fixes

Release ARANSEC 2.50, Published September 2015

  • New Check: ICMP Free Packets
  • New feature: SSL/TSL-Support for sending mails
  • New feature: SSL/TLS-Support for POP3-mail checks
  • New feature: Default status map can be selected in Host configuration
  • Updated features: Support for newer Windows network shares (Win 10)
  • New feature: the snmp-calculation check offer 2 new arguments to format the checks output with an "unit of measurement" and for rounding the results
  • Updated feature: integrated snmp-walk has been reworked completely and does not allow any more multiple queries on the same host at the same time
  • Other: Diverse minor brush ups and corrections of the interface (i.e. sorted drop down menu with multi-selection in delete schedule down times dialogue; GSM-module configuration has a new "Queue Status" with a "Delete" button; hostname in browser tab;...)
  • New Plug-In available: checks to monitor Vantage Pro Weather Stations
  • Updated Plug-In: Plug-in Acknowledgements is now supporting IMAO and IMAPS Mailserver
  • Diverse Bugfixes that have been published in minor updates before.