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Sensor Assistants

The sensor assistant is a user interface that helps to configure CustoSec Sensors the first time they are installed. It also controls the software needed to read sensor data in the background.

Basic Information

There are two types of sensor assistants, one for the serial sensor adapters and one for EBoxes. Both of them are used to implement sensors and adapters in the respective way.

How to start the sensor assistant

The sensor assistants are started within the ARANSEC or CustoSec Interfaces in the "Sensors" menu. There is one entry for each type of assistant, Serial-Box for the serial adapters and Ethernet-Box for the EBoxes.

Serial Box - Assistant

The Serial Box assistant is used to install sensors locally using a serial adapter (serial 1-, 2- or 4 port adapters). Once opening the assistant, a list of 4 ports is presented with a pull down menu to chose the type of senor needed and with 4 values to be entered as "Warning" and "Critical" values. These values differ very much depending on the sensor that is used, they are documented in the sensors documentation.
Depending on the serial adapter that is attached to ARANSEC/CustoSec a maximum of 4 sensors can be attached to the adapter. In the Serial Box - Assistant the following ports should be used to configure the serial sensors (examples).

1 Port Adapter 2 Port Adapter 4 Port Adapter
Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor
Do not use Smoke Sensor Smoke Sensor
Do not use Do not use Humidity Sensor
Do not use Do not use Contact Sensor

Please note: If there are only 1 to 3 sensors attached to the 4-port adapter, use the ports 1 to 3 and make sure, the empty ports are the last ones.

After configuration of the sensors and clicking "Save" or "Update", the system will automatically:

  • Configure a host in the host list for ARANSEC/CustoSec himself if it did not exist yet. (IP-Address as Host Name)
  • Add this host to the default Host Group (usually "All")
  • Add a service to this host for each sensor. For the service configuration default values will be used (host group, check interval, etc.)
  • Start the demon that is reading sensor data and provide the information for the checks. This demon is only started once the "Save" button has been used. Therefore at least the first installation of sensors has to be made with this assistant.

All entries and service checks for the sensors can be changed and configured in the standard service configuration for these services. This means, it is possible to

  • have individual contacts for each sensor
  • have individual check times, notification settings, etc. for each sensor individually.
  • have individual "Warning" and "Critical" values for each sensor (i.e. 2 local temperature sensors)

Please note:
If the configuration is changed in the service configuration, the settings in the sensor assistant will not be updated. Please do not use the sensor assistant anymore in this case, since each update will write over your individual settings.

Ethernet Box - Assistant