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Temperature Sensor


This documentation is valid for the following products:

  • Temperature Sensor (Air, 1,5mtr) (order no. ZU25310)
  • Temperature Sensor (Air, 5mtr) (order no. ZU25311)
  • Temperature Sensor (Air, 10mtr) (order no. ZU25312)

Basic Information

CustoSec temperature sensors are made to measure air temperature. They are available with 3 different cable lengths (1,5 meter, 5 meter and 10 meter). The sensors have a RJ45 plug to connect to one of the CustoSec adapters. Power is supplied over Ethernet (PoE) by the local or network adapter (i.e. EBox).

Package Contents and Description

Temperature Sensor (Air, 5meter)

The package contains:

  • one Temperature Sensor (cable length as ordered)
  • a documentation

The sensor has one connecting cable. This has to be connected to the sensor adapter. The sensor can also be plugged into a LAN socket that is patched directly to an EBox (maximum cable length approx. 120 meters).


CustoSec temperature sensors do not need any maintenance.

Installation and Implementation

Hardware Installation

Install the temperature sensor where it is needed and connect the cable with one of our sensor adapters or a LAN socket, that is patched directly to an EBox

Configuration of the temperature sensor

  • To start the sensor assistant, select "Serial Box" (if installed on a local serial adapter) or "Ethernet-Box" (if installed on an EBox) from the menu on the left side
  • select "temperature sensor" from the pull down menu at the correct port
  • enter the values for "Warning" and "Critical". (Note: on a local adapter, the system asks for 2 Warning and 2 Critical values. In an EBox there is only one value each. For more information on the values see below)
  • finalize with "Save" (or "Update")
  • there will be a service check automatically configured on the host (EBox or ARANSEC/CustoSec local). This service check can be individually configured like any other check. (Check Period, Contact Group, etc.)
  • please keep in mind, that the sensors will only be monitored after the configuration has been saved the next time("Write Config").

That's all. The sensors are configured and part of the monitoring.

Additional Information

Differences in Warn/Critical values

There is a fundamental difference between the implementation of a temperature sensor on a serial adapter compared to an EBox. Due to bios and software restrictions in the adapters, the way, "Warning" adn "Critical" thresholds are entered are different:

Implementation on a serial adapter

On a serial adapter 2 "Warning" and 2 "Critical" values can (and must) be entered, indicating a range lower than the OK-range and higher range than the OK-range.

"Warning" and "Critical" Values for a temperature sensor (serial)

Implementation on an EBox

On an EBox, there is only the "Warning" and "Critical" range above the "OK" range that can be entered.

Warning and Critical Values for a temperature sensor (EBox)