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Welcome to Documentation Sites for CustoSec product family.

This is the starting page for documentation for

  • CustoSec - Network Monitoring
  • ReportBase - Monitoring Graphs and Data
  • CustoSecHQ - Headquarts System in multi location Monitoring Environments.

Please note: Right now, this documentation site is work in progress. We have started with the Report Base documentation, since CustoSec still provides a built in documentation feature.

This documentation system is based on a Wiki-Software and therefore it has to follow some formating rules to enable the Wiki-like Linking of topics. At this stage we have disable all collaboration funtions, providing the documentaton as a read only system. Once we get a bit more accustemd to the Wiki system, we will open the collaboration functions, thus allowing other CustoSec users to provide cntent, take part in discussions, etc.

To get back to this starting page of the documentation just klick on the ReportBase - Logo in the left corner of the top line.

Note: This documentation is based on the Beta-Release of CustoSec ReportBase. Screens and style sheets may look differently in the future.