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ReportBase is completely independent of CustoSec (ARANSEC) and it does not interfere with NAGIOS. All data is automatically transferred from CustoSec to ReportBase for further processing.

  • Data transfer and processing runs automatically and does not need any configuration. The transfer is highly stress resistant and stable.
  • The system provides a highest possible degree of freedom to the user in creating individual templates, images and tactical overviews. Read more about the systems Flexibility Concept.

The system consists of 4 major services:

  • Data Collection - manages the data collection from the source (or sources). This component is started automatically and normally does not need any maintenance.
  • Administration Interface - The main part of the system, for administration of the database, management of templates and creation of dashboards, etc.
  • Reports - The automatic generation of reports from pre-selected templates.
  • Data Export - exporting data, images etc.

Based on these four services, ReportBase is able to manipulate all reporting data and integrate it into any kind of application. Using templates all kinds of graphical data displays can be generated. The same templates can be used to create custom files containing the check results for importing into any other application or system. An integrated HTML-Generator allows the generation of websites displaying various images (like a Cockpit, Dashboard or a Control Center).

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