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Chart Texts and Style
Title Properties

All charts provide the possibility to add a Title, Sub Title, Foot Note and Left and Right Foot Notes. These texts and their styles are set in the Image Properties - Chart Texts and styles section in the modify dialogue. This dialogue also contains the setting for the size of the chart.

The text font, font size, font colour and font style can be changed. To display the text make sure that the enable check box is checked.

Titles are being set in the area between the chart and the image borders. They cannot be set into the chart itself.

Note: The Time series charts have in addition to these fields an X-Axis and Y-Axis field, which have fixed alignment settings.

Changing the Chart Size

The cart size in pixels is set upon first creation of the template but can be changed here any time. Whenever a change has been made, the cart will be produced with the new settings after it's next creation ("Excecute", "Preview" or regular creation within revolving reports). The size settings should be chosen carefully so to fit into a cockpit template without too much resizing.

Texts and Style

To add a text and adapt its styles, a dialogue (Title Properties) has to opened by clicking into the respective fields. This dialogue provides a field to enter the title and set its styling (Font, Font Size, Font Colour, Font weight and decoration). It also provides the possibility to set the alignment for the text.

Before leaving this dialogue, the "Enable" button has to be clicked in order to save and show the title and its settings. If "enable" is not checked, the title will not be shown (be keeps being saved with all its settings).

The different titles can be used at the same time. But it should be kept in mind, that the more titles there are, the smaller the chart becomes within the image.

Title Alignments

The appearance of the alignments will look like this:

Text Alignment Looks like Remarks
Title Centre RB PieTitleCentred.png This is the default setting.
Title Left RB PieTitleLeft.png
Title Right RB PieTitleRight.png
Sub Title Centre RB PieSubTitleCenter.png
Sub Title Centre RB PieSubTitleLeft.png
Sub Title Centre RB PieSubTitleRight.png
Left Foot Note Top RB PieLFNTop.png
Left Foot Note Bottom RB PieLFNBottom.png
Left Foot Note Left RB PieLFNLeft.png
Left Foot Note Right RB PieLFNRight.png Note: The text is "standing" on the right border.
Right Foot Note Top RB PieRFNTop.png
Right Foot Note Bottom RB PieRFNBottom.png
Right Foot Note Left RB PieRFNLeft.png Note: This example also shows the combination of two foot notes on one side.
Right Foot Note Right RB PieRFNRight.png Note: The text is "standing" on the right border here as well.
X-Axis and Y-Axis (Time Series only) Automatic Positioning RB TimeXYAxis.png The text for the X-Axis ("Time") and the Y-Axis ("Megabytes") will always be positioned in the middle of the axis, below/outside the units.