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ReportBase - Download local client
ReportBase - Single Source Administration Interface
ReportBase - Login Screen

The download of the local client, can be started by clicking the "Download" - tab in the ReportBase configuration page. Depending on the operating system of the local desktop, a Linux or Windows - Version of the local client is offered for download ("" in both cases).

After downloading and unzipping the archive, the local client can be started by double clicking on "ReportBase.bat" (Windows) or "" (Linux). The programme will display a splash screen and then display the Administration Interface.

There are only 3 menu entries available on the top level menu (File, Log and Help). To start the programme, the Login-Entry in "File"-Menu is available.

A Login-Screen will prompt for a user, password and URL (to where ReportBase is located in the network, which will be the local ARANSEC / CustOSec System in most cases).

The default credentials at this point are:

User: Manager
Password: manager

As a next stept at least one mor user account should be created (see next step). After that a logout and a new login should be done with one of the new users.

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