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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for ReportBase. This page is under construction and growing as we are collecting questions.

Installation and configuration

A Source does not collect data

There are two possible reasons for this. One is that the ReportBase services on ARANSEC or CustoSec are not running. In case they are not started, those services should be restarted on the monitoring systems (read more here). It will take some minutes to see the first effect in the status display ("Tools" - "Status").

A second reason might be a wrong setting in the source definition. First of all the source has to be "enabled" (see Registering a new source). Another problem might be a wrong serial number in the source settings. The data export client on ARANSEC / CustoSec is sending export data including the other information like the serial number. If this is not the same as on ReportBase, the import client in ReportBase will not import any data.