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After the first Login into ReportBase the Administration Utility (Administration Interface) is shown with some menu entries enabled.

Administration Interface

for PlugIn to ARANSEC / CustoSec (Single Source)

Administration Interface for HQ-System (Multi Source)
RBLogin.png RB Start Screen.png

RB User List.png

To complete the initial set up

  • the Manager Password should be changed
  • One or more users which are not "Manager" should be added

RB User Properties.png

To change the Manager Password, go to "Tools" - "Users" in the top menu of the administration utility.

Select the "Manager" Line and then "Properties. To change the password check the "Change password"-Check box and type the new password. You must confirm the new password and then click save. The password is now changed. Keep the password in a save place, since the Manager Role is comparable to an administrator elsewhere. If the "Manager" password is lost, it cannot be restored. ReportBase requires at least one User with "Manager" privileges.

Return to the User and Groups and add at least one user with "User" privileges to the system (find out more about user accounts on User Accounts).

Logout and then login as a user. The system is now ready for sources to be registered and templates be generated.

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