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ReportBase Configuration in ARANSEC
ReportBase Configuration in CustoSec

ReportBase as a PlugIn for CustoSec or ARANSEC will be delivered via the Update-System in CustoSec or ARANSEC after purchase. To order just send an email to the address provided on the contact page of CustoSec.

Once the order confirmation is sent, the CustoSec Update Server will enable ReportBase for download next time, the update process is started. The update process will also install ReportBase on ARANSEC or CustoSec automatically. All future updates of ReportBase will be delivered and installed by the standard update process of ARANSEC / CustoSec.

Once installed, the menu entry "ReportBase" will show in ARANSEC / CustoSec and provide access to the configuration page. In the Configuration Section the "Local ReportBase"-Value will change to "installed". If ReportBase is not used in a Multi Location Environment (ARANSEC HQ or CustoSec HQ), no further configuration is needed. Otherwise the client settings have to be configured (see "Getting Started").

Please note:
* ReportBase as a PlugIn is only available on 3rd Generation Hardware of CustoSec (as of March 2013). In case of questions please contact us.
* ReportBase needs ARANSEC Version 2.42 or higher or CustoSec Version 3.0 or higher for installation.

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