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Template - Report Properties General
Template - Report Properties Period
Template - Report Properties Export

A template can be modified any time. Some settings are fixed, but most properties can be changed. The process of modifying a template is the same for host or service templates.

A template can be modified in different ways ("Modify" menu):

  • changing the properties of the template (Report Properties and Image Properties)
  • copying properties of another template into this template (inheriting properties)
  • duplicating a template into a new template.

To get to the "Modify" menu, two ways are available:

  • By using the Main Menu => "Templates" => "Modify". This will open a search screen for templates (Report Template List). After selecting the template to be activated, the "Modify" - Dialogue for the report will open.
  • By right clicking or double clicking on the template in the list and choosing "Modify".

Modifying Report Properties

The Report Properties are presented in three tabs, "General", "Period" and "Export". They are the same for Host and Service templates. All data in these tabs are collected during the first generation of the templates using the wizards. Most of them can be changed here.


Some of the data displayed is informational and cannot be changed.

  • Identifier: This is the title of the template. The title can be changed at any time. Once the name is changed, the chart will be presented with the new name (Report Identifier) in all lists. But the file name (Image Identifier) of the chart, will not be changed. This file name is created out of the first identifier a chart gets, once it is created. This means, changing the identifier does not change the URLS (see below) of the carts and report, which is important to keep consistency of links from other systems using these charts and report.
  • Activate: When enabled the template will be included in the list of revolving reports to be created. When not enabled, the report will not be created. The report can be enabled or disabled at any time.
  • Host: This button opens a menu to select the Host(s) this template is referring to. It is possible to assign a template, that has been created for one host, to another host. A typical case for this is, when a host is renamed in ARANSEC / CustoSec. This leads to the template not working any more, which makes it necessary to assign the template to the host.
  • Remarks: A short description of the template. It can be changed any time.
  • Revolving Report: When checked, the template will be treated as a revolving report, which means it will be updated regularly. If this is unchecked, the report will only be created on request (manually). available for addition to the list of Revolving reports to be automatically generated. See also "Main Panel".
  • Image format: The format of the image. Currently JPG and PNG are supported, where PNG is the default setting.
  • Display Image: The chart type for this template. This setting also determines the content of the "Image Properties" Section. Overview Charts
  • Source: The source to which this template belongs (can not be changed).
  • URL to Graphic: The complete URL to the chart that is produced. This URL can be copied into a web browser to present the chart. It can also be used to embed the chart into any kind of application (i.e. into a website). Read more about Presentation of Charts. This setting cannot be changed.
  • URL to export file: The complete URL to an export file (csv). This will only work when "Export" has been activated. This setting cannot be changed.
  • Refresh: The number of seconds before the chart/report of this template will be regenerated. Has an effect only when "Revolving report" and "Activate" to be checked. The interval cannot be decreased below the default, currently 300 seconds.


The period for which the report should gather data. During the creation of a template using the wizards, the period has to be defined. It can be changed here any time, taking effect with the next creation of the report.

An explanation of the fields and this dialogue can be found in the Creating a host template description.

NOTE: When the period is changed from "Current state" to a period or from a period to "Current state" the Display Image will default to "NoChart" because for "Current State" and Period different charts are available. This means, image properties will get lost.


The Report properties controls the generation of export data which can be downloaded and imported into user specific applications. The format of the export data, CSV, XML or TEXT, the fields to be included and whether the export file should be generated can be set here.

  • Export: To disable export the drop down list to 'No export'.
  • Format: Selection of file format of the export file. (The name is automatically generated based on the Identifier)
  • Generate: Generates a preview of the export file based on the settings of this page.
  • Available Columns: This is a list of columns that are available for inclusion. The available fields correspond with the information provided in ARANSEC / CustoSec when opening the NAGIOS detailed status view of a check.
  • Export Columns: This is a list of fields that will be included in the export.

Modifying Image Properties

The Image Properties consist of 2 parts, the Chart Texts & Style, which is the same for all different chart types and the Chart Properties, which is different for each type of chart on the other hand.

They can be modified any time. A comprehensive description of all the different settings can be found in the respective articles for Chart Texts & Style and Chart Properties.