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ReportBase is under constant development and will be updated regularly. Updates will be delivered via the Update System of ARANSEC/CustoSec.

Release 1.1.07 (dbVersion 1.0.20), Published 17th March 2017

  • Overall: Restructure Database to handle very long service description and host names.
  • Overall: Host and Service wizards layout improved
  • New: Service checks not referenced by ReportBase are only kept for 28 days
  • New: new batch job to recover DB with max. last 2 months data
  • New: The length of time referenced checks can be retained in the database can be set by the user

Release 1.1.06 (dbVersion 1.0.20), Published 20th August 2016

  • New: Reports for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1st half, 2nd half year periods have been added
  • New: save or save and exit buttons
  • New: Batch job configuration
  • New: Limiting the DB size to max 1.5 years
  • New: Automatic disabling of revolving reports which take too long to complete

Release 1.1.05 (dbVersion 1.0.19), Published 21st March 2016

  • Overall: Disable manual editing of all spinner components
  • Overall: Improved display handling of records containing no data for graphic images for timeline, dial, meter, thermometer
  • Overall: Improved layout for editing report title, sub title etc for graphic charts
  • Overall: It is possible to Remove background image
  • Overall: dial chart minor tics to 0 – no ticks
  • Bug Fix: pie chart image properties labels not showing correctly
  • Bug Fix: meter needle colour can be changed
  • Bug Fix: Data collection checks for missing hostgroupname, use a default value which can be changed from the properties dialogue
  • Bug Fix: Improve comm. error detection message when backend daemon is down
  • Bug Fix: Left click no longer changes the boolean status of report and manual tables
  • Bug Fix: gnore hostgroupname in queries selecting service performance records. Reason, some or even all records may not be saved with the correct hostgroupname
  • New: Traffic light for static host added
  • New: column resizing for manual, revolving reports table persisted
  • New: added check box to start ReportBase in full screen mode
  • New: Compass chart added
  • New: air pressure display range
  • New: Kilobyte per second range

Release 1.1.04 (dbVersion 1.0.18), Published 9th December 2015

  • Overall: Added DB execution time for all reports
  • Overall: Performance improvement for Manage rules dialogue.
  • Overall: Improved error handling for communication between client and back-end.
  • Overall: Strong improvements in chart creation (execution time reduced)
  • New: check that the delete data collection source data flag is set to delete
  • Other: Major changes in Database to cover additional functions, mainly performance problems in huge databases. DB-Version stepped from Version 1.0.15up to Version 1.0.18
  • Bug Fix: The remove page button is disabled when only one page remains
  • Bug Fix: sql serviceperformance select statement referenced the wrong index
  • Bug Fix: data collection continues when files are already present in source location.
  • Bug Fix: selecting performance record contained unnecessary order by clause
  • Bug Fix: only update execution time
  • Bug Fix: reporting unsupported characters sometimes prevented allowed characters
  • Bug Fix: DBCleanup reported exception when accessing batch record (space added between r and erun)
  • New: Display execution time on main panel

Release 1.1.03 (dbVersion 1.0.15), Published 23th September 2015

  • Cockpit: Improved support for starting Web Browser (Preview from ReportBase)
  • Cockpit: Modify Cockpit Dialogue can rename each page title.
  • ReportBase: Improved detection of record changed, by another user, when modifying dial, meter, thermometer, pie, ring and time series properties, modifying Report, modifying Source
  • ReportBase: Change to DataBase Version 1.0.15
  • ReportBase: Display input text in red when a non numeric character inserted. Affects modify rule and modify time series.
  • ReportBase: Thumbnail for each graphic image type added in chart wizards
  • Bug fix: Pie and Ring charts. Additional mapping of "UnReachable" to "Unknown" and "Critical" to "Down" states reported from the check where added
  • Bug Fix: Display ranges where not updated when the display upper range was changed

Unpublished Release 1.1.02 (dbVersion 1.0.14)

  • New: ReportBaseViewer display has been improved to include selection and auto update for each export report file. There is no checking of report present because the utility only displays files that physically exist
  • New: Adding/Removing/Changing of a serious of fields in the database. Preparing new version of DB.
  • Bug Fix: The X-Axis and Y-Axis ignored italic and bold font styles
  • Bug Fix: Display text when the pipe symbol does not return the correct number in array
  • Bug Fix: Single/Multi Pie Chart flag incorrectly set.
  • Bug Fix: Minor text changes on the user interface
  • Bug Fix: Background image or background colour in charts
  • Bug Fix: Upgrade DB version 1.0.03 to 1.0.14 scripts cleaned up
  • Bug Fix: Fixes in the DB to clean up and update create database xml script.

Unpublished Release 1.1.01 (dbVersion 1.0.14)

  • ReportBase : Background Color in Dial Chart can be changed
  • Cockpit: Added "textAlign" to Table Cockpit Text
  • Bug Fix: Validating size_h1, size_h2, size_h3 in Cockpit-Page Css table
  • BugFix: updating accounts REPService, DCService
  • Other: Major changes in the Database.

Unpublished Release 1.1.01 (dbVersion 1.0.14)

  • ReportBase: Properties tab changed from System Limits to General
  • System Setting: The Exit after Save checkbox allows the dialogue to be closed after saving or remain open
  • ReportBase: Allowed characters is displayed. In next release it will be possible to add special characters
  • ReportBase: Upgrade DB checks Graphic Pie Chart records for incorrectly set single image boolean values
  • New Overall: The ESC button closes an opened dialogue
  • New Overall: The F1 key will display the online help for that dialogue
  • Bug Fix: Checking for illegal characters in title text detects all illegal characters
  • Bug Fix: All charts display the same background colour i.e. no colour grading
  • Bug Fix: Dial needle colour can be changed.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected spelling mistake in Modify Cockpit dialogue
  • Bug Fix: Upload image for cockpit was using the incorrect path when checking image properties
  • Known issues: The X-Axis and Y-Axis ignore italic and bold font styles.

Unpublished Release 1.1.0 (dbVersion 1.0.14)

  • Data Collection: NEW DataCollection and ReportService daemon status icons added
  • Cockpit: Enable/disable single CSS file definition for ALL html pages
  • Cockpit: Enable/disable adding date and time
  • Cockpit: Add/Remove cockpit page from site, Move up/down cockpit pages
  • Cockpit: Restrict cockpit images to activated revolving images
  • Cockpit: Resize images to fit cockpit page cell
  • Cockpit: Added HTML5 tags to header/footer and text block. Text can be marked bold/italic/underline and the font text colour can be overruled
  • Cockpit: Default Font can be selected
  • Bug Fix: Import Journal is updated immediately after each file has been imported
  • Bug Fix: The number of users logged in is now correctly displayed after login.

Release 1.0.97, dbVersion 1.0.13, 26th June 2015

  • Bug Fix: Resize preview image dimensions recalculated to fit image size (cockpit)
  • Bug Fix: Modify image properties RangeValue record uses merge to ensure new record is inserted/updated (service templates, image properties)
  • Bug Fix: The auto update procedure downloads the files individually for ReportBase and ReportBaseViewer (php downloading restrictions).

Installation Notes 1.0.97

It is important not to start the local ReportBase client. Delete the old client and download the new client version from ARANSEC/CustoSec which will be installed automatically during the update process. Download this client into a directory of choice and then unpack it there. Start ReportBase from there.
If ReportBase would be startet with an older client, there will be a message saying that a new version is available, but the it will stop working. In this case, the process has to be killed and then the client should be downloaded and installed as described.

Release 1.0.96, dbVersion 1.0.13, 27th May 2015

  • NEW: Add, Edit and remove user defined Formatted Units added. Delivered default Formatted Units cannot be deleted.(Manage Rules)
  • User no longer must use 'Force Login' after the client is upgraded (Login)
  • The revolving table column 'Enabled' renamed to 'Activated' (Template Properties)
  • Bug Fix: added Standard RangeValue record when the RangeValue record is missing (service templates)
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect login credentials caused backend to halt (Login).

Installation Notes 1.0.97

Download and install the local client from your ARANSEC / CustoSec before starting ReportBase.

Release 1.0.4, 2nd February 2015

  • Confirm delete template screen has the default set for permanent delete template in the confirmation dialogue
  • Double click will display context menu for templates - right click is still available
  • The select template screen remains open to allow selection of additional templates
  • Improved main menu authorization
  • Bug Fix: Enable Manage Rules from the main menu Template
  • Bug Fix: URL's path for templates used \ and not / for windows systems
  • Bug Fix: Template => Modify => Image Properties now calls the Modify image dialogue.
  • Bug Fix: Delete all sources the main menus where not disabled (multi source only)