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New source dialogue Step 1/4
New source dialogue Step 1/4
New source dialogue Step 3/4
New source dialogue Step 4/4

This article addresses mainly users of HQ-Systems with a multi source ReportBase. But it also provides some useful information for users of ReportBase as a PlugIn for ARANSEC or CustoSec (Single Source).

What is a source

A source is an ARANSEC or CustoSec Monitoring System which delivers data to ReportBase.

In the PlugIn - version for ARANSEC / CustoSec only one source is managed by ReportBase. This is already predefined and can be modified.

In the multi source-Version as it is part of HQ-Systems, ReportBase can manage multiple sources. They have to be created using the source assistant (see Adding a new source).

The Source Menu

Main Menu => Templates opens a menu to manage templates. It is only available in multi source systems and offers the following actions

Choosing one of these actions (except the "New") will lead to a search screen to pick a particular source.

Adding a new source (Multi Source System)

The dialogue to add a new source can be opened in two ways:

  • Main menu "Sources" => "New"
  • Mouse Right Click in the List of Available Sources opens a context menu -"New Source"

This will open the "New Source Assistant" which will guide through the process of adding a new source.

Note: The "New Source "-menu entry is only available on multi source systems.

New Source Assistant - step 1 of 4:

A unique name to identify the source must be entered. This name will be used in all screens and reports. A maximum of 30 characters (a-z, ä ö ü,ß, A-Z, Ä, Ö, Ü, 0-9 and ' ') are allowed.

Since this name is used in many places, it makes sense to use a name that suitably describes the source, i.e. "CustoSec Madrid" or CustoSec "Network A".

New Source Assistant - step 2 of 4:

A text describing the location of the source and the time zone of this location. The time zone is important, because reports can be created based on different time zones. Any characters are allowed. Maximum of 20 character allowed.

The time zone itself is set by picking the right continent and city in the drop down menus.

New Source Assistant - step 3 of 4:

Choose the starting date for the data import. If the source has been running for several months or longer, it is possible to import "old" data from the given date upon first import. This setting is only relevant for the first data import. Future imports will be added automatically.

The start date can not go back beyond the first of the last full calendar month. A valid date is displayed in green and an invalid date will be displayed in red.

New Source Assistant - step 4 of 4:

Any Remark for this source can be entered here. It is optional but, when used, the remark will be shown next to the source name in all lists and screens.

Finishing the New Source Assistant

New Source in Listing not yet enabled

Saving ("Save" - Button) the source will close the assistant and the source will be added to the list of available sources on the right panel of the main panel.

The newly added source will have a red cross in the "enabled" column, which means, the source is "known" to the system, but not yet ready to import data.

To finish the Set Up of this new source, the Serial Number of the source (See starting page of ARANSEC, CustoSec) has to be added and the source has to be "enabled". This will be done in the "Modify Source" dialogue (see below).

Registering a new source

A source has to be "activated" in order to start data collection. This is valid for the source in single source systems, as well as sources in multi source systems.

Registration is done by "enabling data collection" in the "Modify Source" dialogue (see below).

Modifying a source

Modify Source

The "modify source" dialogue can be opened via the "Sources"-entry in the main menu or by via the context menu by right clicking in the "Available Sources" list.

The following entries can be modified for a source:

  • Name: The name of a source can be changed.
  • Enable Data Collection: This box to be activated to start the data collection (import). When the source is not enabled for data collection, no data will be imported. If the source has been enabled in the past and then been disabled for some reason, the missing data will be automatically imported after enabling of the data collection. There will be no loss of data, but it is recommended to be very careful with re-enabling a source after a long period of it being disabled, since the data transfer will take some time and is only done step by step.
  • Remarks: Modification of the remarks if needed.
  • Location: Modification of the Location if needed.
  • Time Zone: Modification of the time zone if needed. The modification will come into effect after saving and will impact the next report that is created for that source. Please keep in mind, that reports are sensitive to time zones!
  • Delete file after processing: Please leave unchanged. The import file is physically deleted after processing the data into the database. If you deactivate this option the file is physically kept on the hard disc. This will consume a lot of disk space. This setting is only needed for debugging purposes and will disappear in a future update.
  • Path to Reports: Displaying the path to the reports. This information cannot be changed and is provided for information only. Please Note: Appending this path to the URL of the ARANSEC / CustoSec System where Report Base is running will lead to a "Forbidden - You don't have permission..." error. This is not a problem, since the individual images are accessible within this directory (see "Path to Graphic:" in the template properties).
  • Path to Cockpit: Displaying the path to the Cockpit, as defined in the Cockpit settings. This information cannot be changed and is provided for information only.
  • Revolving Reports: Displaying the time period in which revolving reports are created. This setting is fixed and cannot be changed; However it may be enabled in a future version.
  • Serial Number: The serial number of the ARANSEC or CustoSec System source has to be entered here. The serial number can be found on the start screen of ARANSEC or CustoSec and is used to verify the import. This serial number should not be changed once data collection has been started.
  • Start Date: The starting date for data import. For Single Source Systems this field is editable only during registering the Source. In multi source systems, the starting date is set in step 4 of the "New Source Assistant", but it can be modified here before the first data collection. As of then it is fixed.

The "Save"-button saves the modifications and the "Done"-button leaves this modification dialogue without saving any changes.

Deleting a source

Select a Source to delete

The "Delete Source" dialogue can only be accessed using the main menu "Sources" => "Delete"-entry. This opens a screen displaying a list of all available sources. Highlight a source and click the select button. A three step dialogue is started. The "Delete source" process can be aborted at any time by using the "Cancel" button.

  • Confirmation (Step 1/3): A message informing of the fact, that the source and all associated reports will no longer be available. The message has to be confirmed with the "Continue"-button.
  • Confirmation (Step 2/3): It is recommended to delete the source and remove all related files. This will physically occur during the next daily batch. However when this option is unchecked the source will no longer be available. The source will not be physically removed during the next daily batch run.
  • Confirmation (Step 3/3): This screen displays a short summary of the number of records in the database and the number of reports. "Execute" will move the source to the waste paper basket. The source will no longer be displayed, data collection for this source will be suspended and revolving reports will not be updated. The source can be reactivated, removed from the waste paper basket, using the DBCleanup program ("Main Menu: Tools" => "DBCleanup").

NOTE: When the recommended "Delete existing Reports" has been selected the source and all associated reports will be permanently removed during the next daily batch run at midnight.

Viewing a source

The "View" Dialogue displays the settings for the source, without the possibility to modify them.

Selecting a Source using the context menu

This feature is only available for multi source versions of ReportBase. A double click or a right click on the desired template in the main panel opens a context menu providing the same entries as the source menu.