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This article addresses users of HQ-Systems with a multi source ReportBase as well as users of ReportBase as a Plugin for ARANSEC or CustoSec (single source). The Logic and the way to set up a Host Template is the same with one little exception (see below). Host Templates contain the definitions to create charts based on the results of host checks out of ARANSEC / CustoSec.

Templates and Reports

The basic concept of ReportBase is the creation of images and the export of data based on templates. Those templates contain all the settings and parameters that define a report. Each time, a template is executed, a report is created. A report always contains an image (chart) but may also contain an export file.

Templates can be created for:

  • Single Host
  • Multiple Hosts
  • Single Services

to display or export the results of host checks or service checks in ARANSEC / CustoSec.

A template contains all the information required to generate a report. The result of executing a template is a report. A template consists of two major parts, the Report Properties, which contain the basic settings of the template and the Image Properties, which contain the settings of how the report should be presented in a chart.

The Template Menu

Main Menu => Templates opens a menu to manage templates. It offers the following actions

  • New: To start the template assistant to create new templates
  • Modify: To modify existing templates
  • Manage Rules: to manage the Rules of a service templates
  • Execute: To execute a template once
  • Show: to show the chart of a template after executing it
  • Delete: to delete a template.

Choosing one of these actions will lead to a search screen to pick a particular template. Depending on the context, the search list will provide a selected list of templates. The search list can be filtered by some filters (Revolving y/n, Host / Service Templates, Chart type).

Creating Templates

A template assistant guides through the process of creating a template gathering the basic data and settings. The assistant is started by choosing the "New" entry in the menu "Template". After completing the assistant further options can be defined in the "modifying" dialogues. For details see the Host-Templates and Service Templates articles.

Selecting a Template using the context menu

A double click or right click on a selected template in the main panel will open the context menu. It provides the same entries like the Template Menu, except the "Delete" entry. Choosing an action from here is not bringing up the selection list any more.