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Thermometer Chart Properties

The thermometer chart displays the actual value and three ranges indicating OK, WARN and CRITICAL. The range colour can be changed and a customized label can be added. It is used on checks, that deliver a numeric value and the chart is to show one value at a time.

Property Description Example Property Set Example Property Not Set
Default Mercury Colour This is the colour of the mercury should the actual value fall outside the range set for the thermometer, or if no ranges are set (left example).

The colour of the mercury is set by the colour of the range it is currently within. Only when this does not apply, the default mercury is used (right example).
RB ThermoChartDefaultMercury.png
RB ThermoChartGreen.png
Thermometer Colour Sets the colour of the thermometer outlines.
RB ThermoChartGreen.png
RB ThermoChartGreenBlue.png
Thermometer Stroke Sets the thickness of the thermometer outlines.Allowed values are 0 to 10.

"More..." opens a little dialogue to change the following 3 parameters:
Bulb Radius: Sets the size of the thermometer bulb. Allowed range is 10 to 100, Default 40.
Column Radius: Sets the size of the thermometer column. Allowed Values are 20 to 100. For best results the column radius should not exceed 75% of the bulb radius.
Gap: Sets the gap between the outer and inner outlines . Allowed values are 0 to 15.
Value Location The value can be displayed in the bulb, the right or left of the column. Best results are with the value displayed in the bulb. "None" prevents the value from being displayed.
RB ThermoChartValueRight.png
RB ThermoChartValueNone.png
Display Units Displays the units in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin at the top of the chart (underneath the titles).
RB ThermoChartCelsius.png
RB ThermoChartFahrenheit.png
Value Font and Size Sets the font, font size, font colour and font styles for the value.
Diosplay Upper / Lower Limit These values set the display range and are carried over from the Manage Rules" dialogue. They can be changed here.
The example on the right shows the same chart as the one above, but with a "Lower Limit" of 25, which gives the chart a total range of 10 - 100

The example on the right shows the same chart, but with a Lower Limit of 20 and an Upper Limit of 50.

Please note, that the length of the thermometer is always the same. The narrower the range between Lower and Upper Limit, the more more value strokes will be placed into the thermometer.

If the actual value is outside the range between Lower and Upper Limit, the thermometer will be displayed with the Default Mercury Colour. Even the displayed value will be set to the next limit. When creating this chart with the preview button, there will be some messages, saying the chart makes not sense at all. They can be accepted/ignored to get a chart like the one in the second example on the left side...
RB ThermoChartLimit10 100.png
RB ThermoChartLimit30 50.png
RB ThermoChartLimit20 50.png
Subranges Within the display range 3 sub ranges can be defined. The colour that is defined for the range, will be the colour of the mercury depending on the checks actual value.
The examples show the same chart, but in the version on the left side, the "green" range is set from 0 - 30, which leads to a green colour of the mercury. In the right example, the first range is from 0 - 20, the second (orange) range from 21-30. The mercury then becomes orange.
RB ThermoChartGreen2.png
RB ThermoChartOrange.png