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ReportBase User List
User Properties

ReportBase provides a user management allowing different user roles. User Management is located in the "Tools"-Menu as "Users". it can only be accessed when logged in as a Manager. Once opened, the User Management is displayed, showing a list of all users.

The top menu line of User Management provides 4 entries to add new users, change the properties of a user (once one is selected in the list), delete a user (once selected) and refresh the list. The check box "Show active" activates a filter to list only active users (User accounts can be deactivated by the Manager).

In order to use ReportBase at least one user account must be created.

The Manager Account

ReportBase is shipped with a special Manager account. This account allows for the creation of additional accounts, at least one of which must have the "user" role (see below). It is also used for basic set up and configuration of the system. But this account is not able to create and work with templates.

The Manager account cannot be deleted.

After the first start of the system, the password for this account should be changed.

Adding a user

The "Add User" Button opens the dialogue to add a new user. The properties of a user must be completely filled in. They are:

User Properties

Property Example Remarks
Full Name Max Headroom Full Name of the user
User Name MaxH Used for display of logged in users in the System Status Bar; must be a minimum of 4 characters
Signature MHR Used for Log In (maximum 3 characters)
Password password Password for this user. Any characters are allowed
Remarks Theora's boss A remark describing the user

Account Roles

There are three account types which control the users rights in the Administration Interface. They are Manager, User and Report.

Manager This account can maintain the user accounts, system wide properties, import images, send broadcast messages, recover deleted Templates and Sources and reset the database.
Note: The Manager has no other rights, like adding, changing or deleting sources!
User This account can maintain the Sources,Templates and Cockpit.
Report This account can maintain the Templates and Cockpit, but no Sources.

Changing User Accounts

After selecting the user account from the list, the "Properties"-button opens the user properties. All entries, except the user name and signature can be changed.

Note: Properties of the Manager User can never be changed (except User Name, Remarks and Password). There has to be at least one "Manager"-account.

Changing the Password

To change the password, the tick box "Change Password" must be activated. It is not possible to recover a forgotten password, but the old password is not needed to set the new password.

De/Activating a User Account

A User Account can be deactivated by the manager by unchecking the "Account Active" setting. It can also be deactivated to a given date with the "Activate Expiry Date" function.

A user account is active by default. Deactivating a user account means, that the user will remain in the user list but cannot login any more as of the given date. The account can be reactivated by deactivating the tick box any time.

Deleting a User Accounts

To delete a user (as a Manager) the account has to be selected from the list. The "Delete" - Button will start a process to delete the user. There will be one confirmation form. After confirmation, the account will be permanently deleted, it cannot be undeleted.

Refreshing the User List

The "Refresh"-Button refreshes the user list.