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ReportBase is available in 2 different implementations:

1. PlugIn to CustoSec

A PlugIn for all CustoSec (and ARANSEC-Systems as of software version 2.42 (Nov. 2014) and only on 3rd Generation Hardware as of March 2013). This Variant of ReportBase supports Single Source (the Host ARANSEC/CustoSec-System where the Plugin is installed) including the ability to also deliver data to a HQ-System in parallel.

2. Integrated Part in HQ-Systems

ReportBase is also an integrated Part in ARANSEC and CustoSec HQ-Systems as of Version 2.40 (August 2014). It provides Reports for Multi Source environments, receiving monitoring data from all ARANSEC / CustoSec Monitoring systems that are attached to the HQ-System.

3. Standalone Module

This is currently in development.

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