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CustoSec ReportBase is a powerful tool to manage reporting data out of a ARANSEC or CustoSec Monitoring System. It manages the Data Collection from any CustoSec Monitoring system, stores this Data in a powerful Database and provides the possibility to

  • export data in several formats for further use in other applications and databases
  • generate various graphs for display and integration into other applications like web pages
  • generate a web page providing graphs and images like a Cockpit, Dashboard or a Control Centre.

ReportBase comes in several variants. From Single-Source to Multiple-Sources versions, as a PlugIn for CustoSec Monitoring systems or as a stand alone software (in preparation). See Versions of ReportBase.

ReportBase is completely independent of CustoSec (ARANSEC) and it does not interfere with NAGIOS. All data is automatically transferred from CustoSec (ARANSEC) to ReportBase for further processing.

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