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When creating a new template, in one or more of the steps a Filter will be provided for the selection of Hosts and Services. This is a very important feature of ReportBase.

Template Filter Hosts
Template Filter Services

Purpose of the Template Filter

In the process of a template definition, the assistant will ask for the Host (and Service) the template should be created for. With the filter, the content of the drop down lists providing Hosts and Services to choose from can be influenced based on their last update.

Why the filter is needed

ReportBase is importing all monitoring data into its database, thus building up a history of data, which can be used for various carts. The problem comes in, when a Host or Service is deleted in ARANSEC / CustoSec.

In this case, there is "old" data in the database, but no up-to-date data. If this old data would be needed to create a chart or export, the host has to be available to be chosen for a chart. On the other hand, it a chart for all actual hosts is to be created, the old hosts would not be wanted.

The template filter helps to find the correct Hosts or Services by telling ReportBase how the Hostes / Services should be filtered.

Filter Options

The following options to filter are available for the Host and for the Service filter.

Template Host Filter:

  • Hosts updated (status change) today: ReportBase will only present hosts that have been updated today (since Midnight) in the drop down list. This means, only Hosts that had at least one Host Check today are filtered. Please keep in mind, that in CustoSec the host check interval can be influenced and could be set to i.e. "once a week" which would mean, the host will not be filtered here, if the check was not performed today.
  • Hosts updated (status change) in the last 7 days: ReportBase will present hosts that have been updated in the last 7 days. Please note, that in this case, a host that has been deleted in the last 7 days will not be presented in the drop down list.
  • Hosts updated (status change) in the last 4 weeks: ReportBase will present hosts that have been updated in the last 4 weeks.
  • All Hosts in database: All hosts will be presented in the drop down list. This includes actual hosts, as well as hosts that might have been deleted a long time ago.

Template Service Filter:

  • Analogue Template Host Filter.


  • A chart has to be created to show the availability of all monitored hosts in the network for a year. This chart of course must include hosts that have been deleted during the year. The filter would have to be set to "All Hosts in database" to make sure all hosts are presented to be picked.
  • A chart to show the actual status of all monitored hosts should be created. In this case, old and deleted hosts should not be included in the chart. The filter would have to be set to "Hosts updated today" to make sure, old and deleted hosts will not be presented to chose.

Note for ARANSEC Users

In HQ-Environments it still can happen, that ARANSEC Systems based on Hardware of the 1st or 2nd generation are sources to ReportBase. Those systems are based on NAGIOS 2.7 and there is a different logic in how host checks are performed compared to ARANSEC and CustoSec Systems based on 3rd generation hardware (the yellow ones). In those systems, Host checks are only made, when a service check does not deliver a result. This means, a host check might have only been made a year ago. In this case, there is no status change in the database for all the time. The filter should be used accordingly.

This is no issue on all ARANSEC Systems based on 3rd generation hardware (yellow systems) and on CustoSec Systems.